About us

anyroom established since 1997 as household design accessories retail at Siam Discovery, Bangkok. After long years in retail business, we decided to build our own products. Why so? Because we believe that design can shift up level of life style, it becomes our burden to convey the complication of design into the simple form products. You may find anyroom products are different than other products in market. They are simple from how they look, but very complicated in structure. Our products are not only designed for functions but also for their esthetic. Therefore number of customers would come back after first purchase.

Now, We were moved to our new large store located at The Jam Factory project, Bangkok. We have a small group designers who is working for an unique furniture and we have a lot of selective multi-brand design & lifestyle products in our store such as Furniture, Home Decoration, Kitchenware, Garden Stuff, Bath Accessories, Stationery and Design Objects for everyone who is adorable in simple esthetic design.